Jack smash!

Jack smash!

I know lots of business fetishists worship Jack Welch as the?never-ending font of all those delicious corporate wisdoms. ?In spite of, or perhaps more likely because, he’s a loony?wingnut. ?Por exemplo:

[Welch]?has stated that the idea of global warming is “the attack on capitalism that socialism couldn’t bring”, and that it is a form of “mass neurosis”.[47]

Charming. ?So, I’m reading around?the blogs today, minding my own business, when I stumbled upon a Jack Welch doozy, which is probably the most out-of-touch post I’ve read in a long time, on how it’s very important to be ballsy and talk freely about politics at work.

I myself am a political junkie (some might use the term “animal” and I wouldn’t correct them.) ?I couldn’t not talk about politics at work if I tried.

But that’s not the reason I’m going to urge you to talk about politics at the office. I’m going to urge you to do it because I’m a huge believer that you should always bring your whole self to work. You should bring your interests and your passions. You should bring your authenticity. Being real is the only way to be…?So, bring your political views to work.

Everyone says they support “diversity,” and they wish their workplaces had more of it. That viewpoint, which I’ll assume you hold, includes political diversity. So when someone has a different stance than you do on a particular politician or policy, put your money where your mouth is. Embrace their differences, or accept that you’re a hypocrite.

And it goes on and on. ?I think the always-insufferable “tolerate the intolerant” bit at the end was a nice touch. ?Especially considering that we’re talking about a top corporate executive, immersed?for decades in a sea of sycophants, whose every word is met with hushed breaths of awe and?reverence. ?Of course Jack Welch loves talking about politics at work! ?All the SVP toadies?in the room couldn’t be more terrified of disagreeing with him.

Shit, where is he?

But how does that work for Carol in Accounting, whose manager?is a wingnut tyrant who pipes up about how much he loves Trump’s plan to ban Muslims? ?Probably doesn’t go so well for her when she makes a passing mention of?Bernie Sanders in the break room when she thinks (incorrectly) that her?boss isn’t listening.

Hmm, is?Jack’s?post perhaps?directed at the wingnut tyrant managers of the world, rather than the Carols in Accounting? Jackass.

There were some?poignant comments?along the lines of:?hmm, maybe you’re full of shit,?dickhole. ?(They’re on LinkedIn so it’s?the usual type of “If I comment all over the place, I gets all the networkings!”; Just sayin’.)

Mr. Welch, perhaps you should have consulted with HR before writing this. Despite what we believe about free speech, uttering political views at the office can get a person fired – quite legally. I love the concept of bringing one’s whole self to work, and I also believe in being one’s authentic self, but this blanket advice without proffering any of the caveats is faulty Influencer leadership.


What does a political discussion or?debate add to the actual work that needs to be done? It’s not neutral, people rarely abide by these standards that you list, if ever. It’s alienating and that knowledge of what a person’s beliefs are sticks with a person and lurks in the back of their mind adding fuel to any potential existing office politics already in motion. I disagree with this on the grounds that people won’t stick to these standards no matter how hard they try. These are discussions that take on lives of their own & what’s the point? To change minds? Get more personal information on your co-workers? It’s in the same category as religion etc. I say no go on politics discussions at work.

  1. Lev says:

    Remember when this privileged asshole was talking about how the job numbers were falsified? Good times.

  2. Metavirus says:

    What, having?a hard time buying “Perhaps because they feel so personal, politics have a way of making people emotional- we assert our views too vehemently or with too much edge” from a guy who accused the President of deliberating and illegally cooking the books on jobs numbers, with no evidence to back up his assertion?

    Immediately following of a jobs report showing unemployment below 8 percent for the first time in four years, former General Electric CEO Jack Welch accused the White House of skewing the numbers to help President Obama win… Welch admitted that he had ‘no evidence’ to back up his claim.

    I’m puzzled as to why “spout[ing]?[his]?views like a chimney blowing smoke” about the President illegally cooking the books, without evidence, in an office setting, wouldn’t set off a bunch of truly negative office dynamics.

  3. Jim says:

    Washed up old codger. Who the fuck cares what he has to say. The next time the world goes through a globalization period that makes wages go from $12.00 per hour to $12.00 a month I’ll give the bastard a call. All he did was facilitate the move!

    Right place right time you arrogant old fart. Now go die already your like 1000 years old.

  4. Sephora says:

    Go die already old fart.

    You look like a thousand years old; egoistic asshole.

  5. EmilyJane Iswarm says:

    It’s good to see that Jack Welch has finally been recognized as the giant asshole that he surely is. ?Jack was never anything more than a lucky loudmouth egomaniac. ?At his urging companies rammed six sigma down the throats of their hapless employees. ?The continued adherence to his flawed ideas finally put GE in the toilet. ?Way to go Jack.

    • Charles says:

      I couldn’t have said it better myself.? Six Sigma turned out to be “Fix Fixya” ole Jack cooked the books for years and then bailed. Loudmouth egomaniac is so on spot, the crooked bastard should be sharing a cell with Bernie Madoff, Bernard Ebbers and Ken Lay.

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