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It’s certainly possible that the Clintons could exert some pull in the 2020 primaries–probably not much more than as senior figures who endorse a candidate to put him/her over the top though you never know–but Philippe Reines’s gangster threat here is much more Don Fanucci than Young Vito Corleone. “Interesting strategy for 2020 primaries. Best of luck.” Of course, if you’ve ever actually seen?The Godfather, you’d know that vague threats that the individual making them couldn’t possibly deliver on are an indicator of weakness, not strength (that Trump does this all the time really should tell you all you need to know about the efficacy of this strategy). You have to wonder if he ran this one by Hillary Clinton before putting it out there. Honestly I’m not sure what the answer to that might be.

Again, for all I know we’ll have a dozen candidates all neck and neck and then Hillary will endorse and then that person will win. I don’t know! But I’m skeptical because the vaunted Clinton machine didn’t work against Obama, and the reason it didn’t work against Obama was because pretty much everybody Clinton relied upon in 2008 were incompetent fools. She got the nomination in 2016 but when we look back on it in history 2016 is going to be the Democrats’ 1976, even if Bernie Sanders is unlikely to be the Democrats’ Reagan for age reasons alone. But now they’re going to be left with only the least talented and most loyal people to carry out their schemes, such as Reines, given that Clintonworld has no future and anybody with even a modicum of talent and any ambition beyond writing nasty tweets on behalf of a dying dynasty is going to do that. Best of luck.

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