One of the unfairest things about WWII, when you think about it, was how the cities in Germany that got hammered the worst were the ones fullest of people who hated Hitler–Hamburg and Berlin. It made perfect since–as much sense, anyway, as the always ineffective “terror bombing” campaigns ever made–as Hamburg is the big port city and Berlin is the capital. But a lot of people died for the crime of being trapped by a madman they never liked or supported. Like Alec Leamas said, in war, it’s always the innocents who get slaughtered. Hence my mordant joke that, if we do get in a war with a nuclear power, it would only be fair if they targeted their nukes at the suburbs of cities like Dallas, Birmingham, Atlanta, Milwaukee–you know, the lily-white racist places where Trump dominated. Alas, the strategic rationale for that is rather uncompelling so it wouldn’t happen. Us poor coastal dwellers are doomed. (These are the sorts of mordant jokes we tell ourselves during the Trump years…)

On the other hand, while some innocent people will get caught in the crosshairs with Trump’s beautiful new trade war, I positively hope that China bankrupts as many Trump supporters as it can. So rarely do the actual supporters of noxious ideologies and demagogues get hit with the actual consequences of them. This could be a rare occasion where it happens! And given how stupid the whole idea is, the poetic justice would be rich indeed.

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  1. Nunuv Yerbiznezz says:

    In my Milwaukee voting district, Trump got 6% of the vote.? Thanks for nuking us.

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  3. Kitsune says:

    I find this post vindictive and completely lacking in compassion for those Americans who voted for and support Donald Trump.? It’s excellent.? I couldn’t have expressed it better myself.

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