Politics aside, his brilliant idea to stock up NBC and MSNBC with winger talent didn’t even work on its own merits. Nobody watched Megyn Kelly and NBC had to deal with several major PR calamities from her show. Considering the size of the risk—a hilarious figure of $69 million—and its total failure, firing the guy who did it for incompetence would seem to be appropriate. The guy reacted to incorrect conventional wisdom about how Trump proved that We Need More Conservative Voices in the most obvious way, which also betrayed a total lack (if you will) of understanding of what his audience wanted. Just another talentless credentialist jackass following the crowd. But I’m not holding my breath on that firing. After all, he did the same stuff that the rest of the big MSM outlets did, so firing him would be something of an indictment of the entire industry. Elite accountability is about as much a myth as national unity is in this nation, though there are still a few who believe in the latter I suppose.


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