This is pretty much the exact sort of behavior that people are talking about with the whole “white male power structure” critique. “My good friend Fred Upton” who, incidentally, isn’t good at all. Some of us remember when he flip-flopped on climate change so that he could head the Energy and Commerce Committee, and simply by being a member of the Republican Party in a competitive district he quite literally empowered the Trump Administration’s war on reproductive rights, the environment, public education, et al. But he has a good position on one non-politicized issue so he’s a great guy! Also Trump isn’t the real Republican Party, as I’m sure that Biden has said before (really no need to google that to find a quote). The real disgrace in the story about Anita Hill was that intra-white guy chumminess—particularly on Biden’s part—led to a wholly avoidable tragedy and it’s obvious that the man didn’t learn a fucking thing from that situation. Gonna be hilarious when he tries to get his side of that story out there.

Though Loomis is right that Beto’s sin is much, much worse, and he doesn’t have the excuse of being incredibly old and set in the ways of long-outmoded partisanship.

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