This. I mean, I knew this sort of stuff was coming, and has already a bit with Kasich, but the obtuseness here is simply insane.

It amazes me just how many people insist that “Donald Trump is not the Republican Party” or some variation thereof. Some of these people are putatively liberal, some are on the right, as in this case. But this is just nuts. Trump is not only a producer of the contemporary GOP, he is also a product of it, and as his durably high approvals among Republicans show, he is very much in sync with its all-important demographic of “old men who watch FOX News all day.” The only person who could beat Trump in a Republican primary is somebody who can out-drama, out-demagogue, and out-resent Trump, and while there may be such a person out in the world, that person isn’t Larry Hogan, mild-mannered governor of Maryland. Just imagine being such a dope that you think that the Republican base wants a decent man with a passion for public policy over Trump. Imagine going through the past three years and believing that. Admittedly it’s hard to actually think of anybody in recent years who has run for the GOP nomination who fits that profile even a little (Jon Huntsman maybe?), but that in and of itself is telling. Republicans wanted that in 2016 like Democrats wanted Jim Webb.

That said, given that primary challenges tend to damage the presidents who draw them, I strongly urge Hogan to do it. America (well, its elite class anyway) wants a reasonable Republican daddy, and you sir are clearly the best option! Your country needs you.

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