I just got nothing. Shutdown’s not ending because Republicans wouldn’t piss on federal employees if they were on fire and the Trump reality show has descended to its pettiest nadir. Most sites are all over shit like this but honestly I have the hardest time saying stuff when there’s nothing to say, and while I have no sense of superiority over the usual daily bullshit, you sometimes just have to give yourself a break when it’s at its most idiotic if you want to survive the next two years.

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  1. lumpkin says:

    The air traffic system is probably going to be the biggest pressure point, with TSA and traffic controllers both working unpaid. When the? system starts to break down probably the first step will be to declare an emergency that justifies paying them without congressional authorization. Another option would be to have the military take over the air transportation system. Either way is a big step toward authoritarian government. I doubt that other republicans in either Congress or the supreme court will object to either of these actions.

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