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Not sure what else the big MSM climb down on the MAGA kids is supposed to say. Nothing to worry about because THE CONTEXT says something or other. Their most disgraceful performance since last week.

Really though, “this is normal” is pretty much the idea the media has been trying to incept into us from the start of this thing. Think this country is running straight into a whirlpool of hate that resulted in the election of a wannabe fascist? Nah. They’re just harmless, crusty old guys, those Trump fans. Enjoy fifty thousand profiles of them. Also the adults are in charge and isn’t that Milo just such a naughty boy? What about Richard Spencer’s natty threads? Also, Bret Stephens and Bari Weiss think you’re the real asshole for being a liberal. Et cetera. To be fair, they have also output some stuff that has been good! But they simply cannot both maintain their both sides fetish while also seriously holding a light to Trump and what he represents. This most recent incident poignantly shows this.

We have been down this road before and, as always, you alone must decide if this essential “this is normal” perspective is worth supporting financially. You know what I say. The real question I still have is: how sustainable is this? I mean, it was a bunch of white bros literally echoing the president in trying to intimidate a person of color. They reported it accurately and withered under the flak, retreating to comfortable both sides territory. But if this sort of thing becomes a durable part of our society (and I sadly would not bet against it), how will the media cover it? How long can they keep up with these feeble excuses?

The answer is: they don’t fucking know! The old white guys running this industry are just trying to get through this a day at a time with “both sides” intact, hoping that they’ll keep hold of enough self-hating liberals’ wallets to stay afloat. My guess is that it’ll work…for a little while longer.

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